Tuesday, 31 January 2017


Issuing executive orders banning refugees from 7 countries including those with governments fighting against IS and others who are supported by Russia, Trump has, by closing the borders made his supporters very happy and feel infinitely safer in their own land. The fear from outside the USA grows as we watch in intrepidation - Trump is acting like a dictator (as might be expected from the CEO of huge companies who are not used to being told "no"), he is raising the fears of people through hatred of the Muslim faith (more Americans are killed by other Americans than by anyone else), and I suspect this won't make the land any safer - it will cause unrest and lead to potential radicalisation of muslims already in the country.

Remember the destabilisation of the region was caused by the vaccum left by America waging war on terrorists in the first instance (based on a lie and at the hands of war-mongering Bush seeking revenge on behalf of his father). And then there is the anti-abortion stance. And revoking some parts of Obamacare. Decisions women make about their body should not be a state concern. And what does it say about a society when it is unwilling to look after the health of those most in need. Care-less. Heartless.

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la peregrina said...

Agree with everything you said but I think this whole mess is the last hurrah of a patriarchal, white, evangelical segment of American society which is quickly dying out. It is a group who not only cannot handle a world that has changed, they are also not willing to face the reality of that change.

The turmoil we are experiencing right now is a lot like what happened in the 1960s. Society was changing and a large segment of our population refused to acknowledge what was happening and so they elected a man (Richard Nixon) whose campaign slogan was "This time, vote like your whole world depended on it."

Trump is this generation's Dick Nixon and all I can say is, hold on, people, it's going to be a bumpy ride.

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

He is such a love him/hate him character. I don't think his brand of executive-ism has any place in politics but the Panther will fight me to the death over it saying that at least you know where you stand with him and that he is the president he should be able to do what he likes, and they've tried same for decades so it's good to see something different. We have to beg to differ - I don't think a destabilising force is good for anyone but that's just me.

la peregrina said...

We think alike, Harriet. :)