Tuesday, 4 August 2015


Dad was trying to get her to eat slightly runny fried eggs on toast. She was easily distracted. 

I like your hair she said turning to me. Thank you I said.
I like your dress (it was purple with sequins - rather too Saturday night for Sunday morning breakfast). 
Why are your teeth brown? She asked, her father cringed, I laughed. My right front tooth is discoloured slightly - not brown by a long shot but more cream than the rest of them. 
It's not real I said and it's gotten discoloured.
Eat some more egg, here mouth open. Her father is desperate to distract her. She turns to my companion.
I like your hat. He says he likes hers also. She turns back to me.
Why have you got dots? She is looking at my freckly arms. I laugh. My companion laughs. For her father it's the last embarrassment straw he can handle
Let's go to the park... And off they go. Kids. Hilarious. 

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