Thursday, 17 July 2014

Go Cats

I got cats a couple of years ago because I first had a rat problem and then when I'd gotten rid of them I got mice. Fairly persistently. All food stuffs had to be in tin  or glass containers. And then there was the incident of the mouse falling out of my shopping bag at the checkout in the supermarket. Anyway. The cats were cute. And then they grew up. They love me because I feed them. And we haven't had mice since they arrived. Yesterday evening they caught and killed a mouse. And lay around in the kitchen with the remains until someone came to congratulate them. Well pleased with themselves they were. So GO Cats! Keep at it. 


roger.wood800 said...

I also got a cat (1) getting on for two years ago.
I didn't have any rodent problems.
(Until she came.)
She finds mice in the garden, brings them in alive... and puts them down on the floor to see what they'll do.
They're not stupid: they typically run under or behind the nearest piece of solid furniture, and learn quickly how not to get caught twice :(
[It's usually down to me to find them and put them back outside]

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

OMG! I'm really sorry but that's making me laugh. I'd be pissed!