Monday, 2 June 2014


Lunchtime June warmer air even though the sunshine is only sporadic. I'm in a cafe eating lunch watching a man with bare feet enjoy the feel of grass underfoot as he talks on the phone. He's laughing in the conversation he is having and pacing around kicking his feet up and gripping the ground with his toes as he places them down. Living in the moment. 


Jed said...

Part of Kew Gardens's Summer Plantasia is a barefoot walk that starts with the badger sett and leads through the woods, ending in front of Queen Charlotte's Cottage. "It's a very sensory experience. There are hard surfaces, soft surfaces, warm wood and cold stone, and uneven surfaces that make your feet work hard as you try to balance. You walk over springy wood chips---which feel like the soft bouncy floor of a rainforest---balance on beams and hop from tree stump to tree stump. You can even squelch your way through mud, pick your way over wet stones and wade through water."

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

Bare feet walking is good sometimes. :-)