Sunday, 2 March 2014

Out out

So friday night - went to see Her with pops. Was a good film. Liked it more than i thought i would. After we met Bails and her friend Steve. Had a drink. Cocktails in a little side street bar in Canonbury. Old fashioned's. Warmth of whiskey and sweetness of orange zest. Marvellous on a chilly evening, with good  mixologists behind the bar. 

Being quizzed on the stance of the modern middle-aged woman (supposed to be a joke but sadly feel it may not be possible, any longer, to feel this is far from the truth) by an ever so slightly old fashioned man, as it turns out. He decided we were the right age group to be MILFs (not flattered exactly) and then decided we were probably cougars (still not flattered exactly). And if we are cougar - does that mean automatically that we are preditory and looking for younger? Don't know about the influence of interent porn - seems to give you too many boxes to be put into! Its no longer possible to just be whoever you are - you have to fit into an appropriate category to be able to be understood by the world at large. 


la peregrina said...

No, not the world at large, just those kind of people who are only happy when they are putting other people in little boxes of their own choosing. The kind of person who would describe older women as MILFs and cougars. The kind of person who only sees women in sexual terms. Remember, there is no age limit, old or young, for sexist jerks.

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

Thats a VERY good point. Salient. I must remember it. These boxes are for the judgemental. Who feel the need to judge. I always thought it was good to be unique until recently. Not sure everyone would agree anymore!