Monday, 24 June 2013

Bored boy and the German tourist

The bored boy is driving his toy car over the back of his seat and behind the neck of a German tourist. The German tourist flicks the back of his neck with slight irritation. The bored boy's car drives across the seat backs to his mother's shoulder. His feet press gently against the German tourist's apple green samsonite suitcase so that it rolls slightly on its four caster wheels. The German tourist rolls the suitcase off the bottom of the bored boy's trainer soles. The car drives back across the seats and down the arm of the German tourist, whereupon the bored boy's father nodded to the bored boy's mother who knocked the bored boy's feet off the seat and apologised to the German tourist who pretended it was okay, even though it blatantly wasn't really. 


Z said...

What a brat - unless he was less than four or five years old, I suppose.

Harriet (the fshlady) said...

That's funny! I thought the tourist was over reacting! (The boy was about 3).

Z said...

Oh, if he was that little it wasn't bad manners! And reading it again, I should have picked up on that, it's the sort of thing a small child would do.