Sunday, 5 February 2012

Bruce Castle Park

So after the excitement of watching the snow falling last night got up early and headed over the park (after scaping the snow and ice off the pavement outside my house - friends in Wisconsin would be proud of me). It was beautiful.

bruce castle park (9)

The snow was perfect for making snowballs and building snowmen. There were lots and many of them were huge.

(If you look closely the last one is actually a snowlady - two early teens made a couple of additions to a not-quite-finished snowman).


la peregrina said...

Love the snow men and woman. :)

(BTW- the comments link didn't load for me until I reloaded the page. Before I did that I thought you had removed the comments option from your page. I realize now  I've had the problem since the  middle of January.)

Peter said...

Your friends in Wisconsin would be confused by all that white stuff rather than proud.  According to daily snow cover maps, the southern half of the Badger State (where most of the people live) is snowless. That's something not usually the case until mid-March at the earliest.

Harriet said...

I once spent time there in the winter - I was a moany cow about getting up early and scraping the pavement and wished the snow would melt. They couldn't understand me!

Theres something strange with the JavaScript I think that stops the comments opening - I often need to reload before they come up