Saturday, 29 October 2011

Ceramics class - 1st half term

Testing - rolling the damp clay in ball clay and then forming it by pressing out from the inside until the surface cracks. I'm trying to stretch it until it breaks through all the clay - to the point of destruction but not quite. Still trying to figure out how to use it. Also testing a technique of putting a thin strip of porcelain onto a stoneware body - the difference in shrinkage makes the porcelain crack in firing because it shrinks more than the stoneware. And a second wavy urn in black clay. Trying to get some pink on it but not too much - but would have liked a bit more than this. Black clay body is quite dramatic and strangely dry to work with.


jake said...

I saw a loaf of bread two days ago which was a long-lost brother of your middle pot. I nearly bought it except that after second thoughts, I decided that a very stale loaf of bread would maybe not be all that compelling.

Harriet said...

I must go to some fancier bakeries than I normally do to see these breads that look like cracked pottery.