Monday, 25 July 2011

What to do on the holidays (time permitting)

Its a week, these are on the to do list:
  •  remove carpet from spare room (methodology - cutting away sections from to get it from under the furniture)
  • re-arrange spare room - setting up drawing table, planchests and sofabed
  • remove stair and hall carpet
  • sand woodwork in hall (bannisters, balastrades, skirting boards, parts of stairs that require painting)
  • paint above mentioned woodwork (paint is already purchased)
  • finish jacket that is half made (front facings, closures, pockets)
  • finish waterproof coat that is a third made (second sleeve, pockets, collar, front facings, lining)
  • go to the movies with Pops to watch The Tree of Life
  • find a builder to build me a front wall, and possibly same one or a different one to paint the windows and ledges on the outside of hte house, put a downpipe from the guttering on one corner of the house
Alternatively if the weather continues nice, I might just squander it lying in the sunshine in the garden reading books...

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Peter said...

A theater in Italy recently showed The Tree of Life with the film reels (unintentionally) loaded in a completely wrong order.

Several days passed before anyone noticed anything amiss.