Tuesday, 28 June 2011

All the embarrassing things that have ever happened to me

Well maybe not quite all, but certainly a pertinent few:
  1. Donning my brand new double buckled patent faux snakeskin pointy toed boots, I left the house feeling hot to trot. coming down the escalator at Manor House station, toe got stuck at the bottom and I fell landing face down splayed out in the hall at the bottom wishing the earth to swallow me up while fellow passengers walked around me.

  2. Walked down the main street from our holiday cottage in Padstow towards the beach with my long skirt tucked into my knickers. It was a hot day with no breeze and clearly couldn't tell. When I was almost there an old lady stopped me and let me know.

  3. Shaking hands to greet a man who came for a meeting at work I was shocked at their glacial temperature, almost involuntarily I said, "oh, cold hands", "but warm heart," was his retort. When I came back from the meeting I was greeted by a chorus of Ooo matron and blushed bright red realising how our initial exchange clearly sounded.


scottsabode said...

Oh my!

Peter said...

"Knickers" is such a clever term, I really wish it would catch on in the United States ("panties" is stupid and infantile).

Harriet said...

I agree. "Knickers" - naughty, adult and female. Panties are for children.