Tuesday, 24 May 2011


Is the Redeye very late or very early? I'm on a very late train. It's been a very long journey. Two hours from the destination still and it's 10pm already. The detritus of passengers who have gotten off already is mingled with that of those of us left aboard. We are a puffy eyed, crumpled, weary lot. I would really like to get off - my skin us dry and hot, my mouth fuzzy. I've been travelling for five hours so far - by the time I get there I could have flown across the Atlantic and watched three films. The man with the trolley is very nice but I don't want to put anything e-numbery and sugary in my mouth.


Harriet said...

Overnight... It was almost overnight. Its quite late getting in after midnight and then having to travel to home (another 40 mins), but perhaps not a formal redeye!

la peregrina said...

Red eye is an overnight flight that gets you to your destination early the next the morning.   In the train business it used to be known as "the milk run"; an early morning train that made many stops to deliver or pick up milk cans.