Monday, 10 January 2011


It seems a long time since we used to shout at women wearing fur "Yuk! Your disgusting fur coat" and other such slogans as advised by PETRA, and those adverts of models dragging blood dripping fur coats along catwalks.

We have shared coat cupboards at work. They have hangers and are aired nicely so they are not smelly. One of the ones I use regularly started to have a fur coat in it during the cold spell. It might be rabbit - it somehow doesn't seem like a really expensive fancy one. Its a little bit scraggy, or something. Fur coat no knickers. Springs to mind every time I open the cupboard to put my coat in. I try not to put my coat next to it. Not sure whether thats because I don't want it tarnished by it or don't want my coat to feel of a lower quality.

Finally I discovered who was the fur coat wearer. A tall and painfully thin blond with a fondness of incredibly high tarty shoes. Fur coat no knickers seemed appropriate.


Nic Hamilton said...

Heh, heh....but "fur coat no knickers"?   In our family it was "Red hat, no knickers."

harriet said...

red hat - racy! I sometimes think its a shame we don't really do hats anymore.