Saturday, 25 September 2010


Our original trip was postponed in May due to BA strikes and the volcanic ash. We spent a September weekend there instead. We walked through the city looking at the Gaudi buildings, popping into art galleries (Picasso, Dali, Miro and Tapies). We ate tapas and ice-creams. We visited the Mies Van Der Rohe pavillion building and sat in the park for some sunshine relief. Nice sisterly trip.

I wasn't sure whether I loved the Gaudi or not - its so over exposed and we see so many images of it that it wasn't as suprising as I was expecting. Its been there for a long time however, and it has to be seen in context of when it was built. At the time it must have been really different (architect friend discussed with me at ceramics class on Thursday). Parts of it are stunning.


Nic Hamilton said...

It's been a few years but I rather liked Barcelona when we went......I know what you mean about the Gaudi though.  Parc Guell was particularly strange (the entrance cottages seemed Disney, though I think it was there that there were the tree trunk pillars which I did like).

Harriet said...

Yes by the time we got to Parc Guell I was starting to be a bit tired of the gingerbread buidlings!

scottsabode said...

Great photos - I'd love to go to Barcelona!