Thursday, 22 April 2010

Ceramics Class

Class started back on Thursday. There haven't been many finished products this academic year - I'm going to work on that this term. Did start a series of dishes at the end of last term - using mixed clays - the only one that has come through completed so far is a mix of crank (quite gritty and sort of tan coloured) and porcelain. I've put life drawings on them also. Also finally got Hour finished and brought home for a picture. Its a concept. It started from the 10 things in 10 minutes exercises that we did. I set a task for myself of doing 60 things in 60 minutes. It turned into Hour. Each pinch pot too a minute to make. They were of similar size, smooth on the inside and with finger imprints on the outside.


scottsabode said...

Looks like fun!

niuta said...

it's quite like life - every minute is an integral part of an hour but at the same time is completely different from others... nice concept - a lot of interpretations :)

la pergrina said...

Got a bit potted there, didn't you? ;)

I am impress by the fact that you also got some color on them as you made them.  Well done.