Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Christmas Countdown

Deck the halls with boughs of holly tralalala...
  1. I've made a Christmas cake - extra glace cherries, fed with rum on two occasions now.
  2. Bought Christmas cards, will try to send them this year, don't usually get round to it.
  3. Started shopping - got a couple of items down - spoke to my sister today she was picking up her last item. Maybe I'm behind...
  4. Picked up some new wrapping paper - for when I eventually get the shopping done.
  5. Made mincemeat - put in extra orange peel, more cinnamon and mixed spice than it asked for, and decided to put in ground ginger. Gave the mixture a good kick.
  6. Done a reccy at the shops a couple of times (Selfridges, Covent Garden, Tottenham Court Road, Islington Upper Street) - don't like to choose too soon, like to get a good overview before making decisions. Need to scan the product, think about the people for whom something is needed and then rush round like a maniac on Christmas Eve picking it all up and hoping I can remember where I saw it.

Still to do:
  • Get a Christmas tree (need a tall but not too bushy one I think)
  • Decide where to put it - don't have a natural place for it at present which is not in the way.
  • Shopping - actual purchases rather than window shopping.
  • Food shopping - when the time comes

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