Monday, 14 May 2007

Birthday Cake

Here is a cake. A birthday cake. A 37th (oh my gad, I can't believe I'm that old) birthday cake. The first cake made in my new oven (had it since last November but never had the cause to bake in it as yet). Its not temperamental, and as a result I over cooked it. It was actually slightly burned on the edges, sort of. However by the time it had whipped cream sandwiched between the sponge and jam between the sponge and the cream and butter icing with strawberries on top glazed with rose jelly and shavings of chocolate nobody even noticed.

The WHOLE thing got eaten in almost one sitting - enough people were round for a non-BBQ (rained off, grilled sausages instead) that everybody got a thin slice each and that was just about it.

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