Friday, 19 May 2006

This week I have mostly been....Buying a House

Well, I say buying a house but buying a house isn't quite like that. I've been, I've seen, I've put an offer in, its been accepted, I'm in that limbo land between offer accepted and solicitor's letter and mortgage fully approved (on paper). I don't own anything yet, I've only got a verbal agreement (which personally I didn't even hear - secondhand verbal agreement - doesn't feel terribly concrete). People keep telling me congratulations, which makes me feel a bit like a Britney Spears marriage (went to Las Vegas, got drunk, got hitched, got hung-over, big regrets, got divorced). Ever so slightly precipitous. Still. I've been, I've seen, I've put an offer in and its been accepted. Thats the first step. And I'm not even that afraid, yet.

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