Several people have expressed an interest in owning a drawing .

Drawings are on A1 cartridge paper - A1 is approximately 84cm x 59cm (fairly large!)

Original drawing: 25.00
excluding postage & packing.

A4 prints (on quality hard paper): 5.00
excluding postage & packing (any images that have appeared).

If you are interested please email me - harrietsblogg at gmail dot com. In order to identify which particular image you are talking about - right click the mouse whilst hovering over the image, click on properties from the menu that appears. In the properties you will see an address (URL) - identify the image by the date and letter part of the address
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I started going to a life drawing class in January 2003. It was the first time I had done any drawing since shortly after I left college. I enjoy the exercise of drawing greatly - and life drawing especially is not an end product, therefore you can be more throw away and less precious about what you are doing. Big bold sweeping marks are the name of the game.

These drawings are all done on A1 paper standing at an easle with charcoal or ink (applied with dip pen or brush). For the purposes of posting them I have sometimes cropped them after photographing them. The class had the generic form of one 15-20 minute pose, followed by several short poses which can be 5 minute, 2 minute, 30 second or moving poses, and finally after the break there may be one long or two longish poses from 8.10pm until 9.00.

Shorter poses enable the model to do braver, more difficult poses - these are often more interesting than the longer poses. Usually this is where you limber up, get used to cover the page and when the model is good get some interesting body shapes to draw, hopefully with some degree of strain showing - whether thats muscle tension or unusual positions. In the longer poses there is often a lot of shadow or light falling on the model, generally this is what interests me at the end of the class.

In the Aquarium



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