Monday, 6 August 2012

Dirty Books

On Friday evening I was in Foyles in the Southbank Centre. They had a three for two table featuring alternative lifestyles - books about circuses and tattooists and underworlds - some of which I had already read. So I picked out three including Nicholson Baker's House of Holes. Time Out said of it an all-out, over the top literary hand job. I wasn't thinking when I bought it. Started reading it on the bus on the way home and had to stop because it was making me blush and I thought people would know I was reading something rude. I've got used to it now and have been reading it on the tube and at lunch in a crowded cafe. Is it wrong to read filth outside the house? Or should it be like dirty magazines confined to secret at home (not that I do that - look at dirty magazines. Oh I'm just digging myself a hole I can see).

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Ellie said...

It's not wrong if it's not hurting anyone!